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It’s hard to find a reliable source of information on sea buckthorn oil. This plant is native to Europe and Asia, and the oil from the fruit pulp and seeds is used by Russian astronauts and Chinese burn clinics, but word of its benefits has only recently spread to North America.

At Sea Buckthorn Oil, we’re dedicated to advocating the benefits of sea buckthorn oil for your skin, body, and life! We’ve done the research and checked into the possible side effects (none have been reported), so we’re confident about recommending it to you as a treatment.

That’s why we do our best to help you find the best deals on these products. A lot of the time, a natural treatment will be announced, and companies will immediately fight to raise their rates, taking advantage of the hype to get more dollars out of every sale. We want to prevent this vicious cycle by helping you find the best information and deals, so you don’t end up paying more than you have to.

Some of the benefits of sea buckthorn oil are only just being discovered – Russian astronauts use it for UV protection, while women who are concerned about their appearance buy products with it included as an anti-aging ingredient. You might be using it to help heal stretch marks or burns, or to help relieve skin conditions like acne.

Whatever your reason for using sea buckthorn oil, we believe you should have access to accurate and clear information about it. We want to make sure you know about all the benefits of this oil, and about any possible side-effects that are discovered (though none have been yet).

To add to the confusion, there are two types of sea buckthorn oil – seed and fruit oil. Seed sea buckthorn oil is yellow, and contains various fatty acids. Fruit sea buckthorn oil is reddish-brown, and is made from all the different parts of the fruit combined, so it has a wider variety of fatty acids, like olive or almond oil. Either type can be effective, but it’s good to know exactly what is in the pills, liquid, or cream you’re using!

Varieties of sea buckthorn oil created for skin care are also more likely to be free of impurities. If you use a dietary supplement buckthorn oil, the process for extraction is different. In skincare product extraction, the oils must be easily absorbed by the skin, so they are more pure than a dietary supplement oil. Information like this is not always readily available on the manufacturers’ websites, and that’s why we’re here.

It’s hard to find good prices online unless you know what to look for. Sea buckthorn oil can vary drastically in supplement quality, and different companies seek out different certifications, making it hard to compare one to another. We only recommend top-notch supplement companies who can follow through with their promises.

When you’re researching sea buckthorn oil, you deserve a reliable, honest source of information to separate all the hype from truth. Sea Buckthorn Oil is your source of accurate information and great deals!

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